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FixSanFrancisco.org is a grassroots campaign working to re-energize the vision of San Francisco as a no-kill city. We are seeking to network with like-minded people, city agencies, non-profits and rescue groups. Our goal is to ensure that animals with treatable medical conditions and behavior issues have the opportunity to be adopted into good homes.

 FixSanFrancisco.org advocates the following:

New Report: Status of Animal Shelter Animals in San Francisco

 San Francisco has a long-standing goal of protecting the welfare of our shelter animals.   The No Kill movement began here, in San Francisco.  

Now, over 200 communities across the US save more than 90% of the shelter animals (i.e., all healthy and treatable animals), but San Francisco is not one of them.  Many animals with treatable conditions continue to be killed at San Francisco Animal Care and Control.   

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